What happens in front of the camera is the byproduct of the teams and talent working behind-the-scenes. We pride ourselves on welcoming each client team into our home and ensuring the needs of all accompanying team members are met.

Our Facilities 

If you need a classic photo shoot, our facilities can be accommodated to any size, era or style that you may require for your project. Our multitude of white cyc and green screen opportunities are ready to bring your visions to life. In the past and on a regular basis, we have hosted Galore Magazine, Ladygunn Magazine, Flaunt Magazine, The Fader, Hollywood Reporter and more.


Looking for a Los Angeles venue for a photoshoot might seem like a not-so-daunting task, but several factors have a role in choosing the right space. These factors turn this otherwise natural process into a more complex one, as you’re looking for the best rental studio space you can find.

Several factors play into choosing the right Los Angeles production space for an upcoming project, and each factor can truly transform the search process into a complex problem. We’re proud to say that our versatility and flexibility has proven us to be the right Los Angeles venue choice for a variety of clients, from Netflix to Adidas, and Hollywood Reporter to The Fader Magazine.