Conceive, evaluate, implement.

It’s not an effective use of time for attorneys to be saddled with additional concerns beyond a caseload. Lawyers should practice law, rather than splitting their focus between multiple complex duties, like devising a vision for the future, analyzing performance rates and overseeing staff succession.

Data shows the five biggest problem areas for firms are client acquisition, spending too much time on administrative tasks, clients demanding more for less, competition and getting paid. However, all these challenges can be overcome through the implementation of a 360-degree strategy.

Operational Efficiency

  • Directional Consulting

  • Vision & Growth Path

  • SWOT Analysis

Performance Analytics

  • Key Firm-Specific Metrics

  • Utilization Rate Tracking

  • Individual vs. Firm Comparisons

Talent Management

  • Hiring Assessments

  • Leadership Development

  • Succession Planning

  • Focus Groups