About Attorney at Law

Your Firm, Seamlessly Scaled.

AAL helps law firms with their transformation in the digital age. We’ve streamlined a system of branding and business services for firms of all sizes. Our results-driven strategy can transform firms, bringing a sense of ease to case acquisition.

Brand, Develop, Grow, Practice.

We have nearly 20 years of nationwide and localized experience. Through a strong business approach for consistent growth, we have the capacity to cover every aspect of brand recognition and generate qualified leads. We create a true partnership and execute a safe, effective expansion of the practice.

Our platform provides resources and opportunities for continued education and professional development.

About Attorney at Law



87% of lawyers want to see their firm grow over the next three years, but not every lawyer knows how. Some firms know how to achieve year-over-year growth, while others see their prospects dwindle.


While 92% are very confident in their skills as a lawyer, only 53% are confident in running the business side of their firm. Lawyers should be focusing on key aspects of practice to maximize client experience and firm performance.

Knowing how to earn clients and maintain high standards for business are two key factors for success.